Cheryl Dunn


Cheryl Dunn is a a New York City based documentary filmmaker and photographer. Since the late 80's she have spent a large part of her career documenting city streets and the people who strive to leave their mark there: graffiti writers artists, skaters, boxers, bikers, protesters, and assorted characters. her latest feature documentary "Moments Like this Never Last" about the late artist Dash Snow and the downtown art scene post 911 premiered at HotDocs and had it's theatrical release in 2021. My first feature "Everybodystreet" about the lives and work of 12 of New YOrk's most iconic living ( at the time ) street photographers including Elliot Erwitt , Bruce Davidson, Mary Ellen Mark, and Jamel Shabazz to name a few. The film had it's world premiere at HotDocs and went on to stream on Netflix among other platforms. She has had 3 photography books published the latest entitled " Festivals are Good". Some of the museums she has had work shown at include the Tate Modern , The Koehler Arts center,the Geffen contemporary, Yerba buena, Oakland Museum of Art . She is currently im production on a feature documentary about the Creative Growth Art Center and art and disability .

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